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China Gold Price - CNY ¥17,630.60 (ozt)
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Gold Purity Rates 黄金纯度
24k Gold Items ¥566.84 Per Gram
22k Gold Items¥519.60 Per Gram
20k Gold Items¥472.36 Per Gram
18k Gold Items¥425.13 Per Gram
14k Gold Items¥330.65 Per Gram
9k Gold Items¥212.56 Per Gram
8k Gold Items¥188.95 Per Gram
Gold Coins / Gold Bars 金币/金条
Gold Sovereigns¥4,156.80 Per Coin
1oz Gold Item¥17,630.60 (ozt)
10oz 999 Gold Bar¥176,306.00 (ozt)
1kg 24k Gold Bar¥566,836.95 Per Bar
1oz Gold American Eagle¥14,548.82 Per Coin
Bullion Eureka Coin¥9,352.81 Per Coin
1oz Australian Coin¥18,705.62 Per Coin

How often is our real-time gold price updated?

Gold Price China aims to meet consumer demand for industry standards and on-demand gold prices. We dynamically update prices on a highly consistent basis to ensure our prices are up to date, accurate and purpose. By checking the real-time gold price, you will invest in current information that supports your gold trading efforts, whether you are selling, buying or diversifying your portfolio for greater success and wealth.

Where do we source our real-time gold prices?

Our real-time gold prices come from a variety of sources, including China Daily - We also provide connectivity across the country to provide us with accurate gold pricing related to the market. All gold prices, including spot prices, coins and gold bars, are updated frequently.

How do I calculate my gold value?

You can use the real-time gold price of this website, simply multiply the carat gold price by the weight of the gold item to calculate the value of any gold item.

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